In addition to offering terrazzo and marble products to our customers, we also provide installation work through our sister company “Alemayehu Kidane”. Alemayehu Kidane  has undertaken several governmental and private projects in Addis Ababa and all over Ethiopia.

Some of our projects

  1. Federal Police Headquarter (Mexico)
  2. South Africa Embassy
  3. National Bank (National Theater)/ National Library
  4. Worbek House (Wolo Sefer)
  5. ECA
  6. Hawassa (Lewi Hotel)
  7. Mekele Airport
  8. Axsum Airport
  9. Bahrdar (Semahatat statue)
  10. Nazret (Semahatat statue)
  11. Addis Ababa Housing Development Project (Condominium)